.ngo & .ong unique names are now available!

.ngo and .ong domain names distinguish non-governmental organisations as validated NGOs. These domains offer NGOs credibility as members of the global OnGood community, and a stronger online brand identity.

A select few premium .ngo and .ong domain names have been set aside by Public Interest Registry to support organisations launching websites using the .ngo and .ong brand. These domain names are available to any validated NGO, however preferential pricing will be given to organisations willing to help the NGO community by launching full websites about their causes using these unique names.

These names are evocative and meaningful words, or 1-digit domain names; 0 through 9, and A through Z. This is an opportunity to secure premium brand recognition with a unique domain name that defines your mission.

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When you register a .ngo domain you will automatically receive the corresponding .ong name, and vice versa.

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